How can leaders and managers encourage innovation?

Give employees time and space to innovate. Implement ideas as soon as possible. The speed of change is one of the main business challenges facing organizations today. To compete, flexibility and an innovative mindset are required.

However, “while 63% of companies hire chief innovation officers (CIOs) and more than 90% use new technologies to support the innovation process, many are still striving to create and foster a truly innovative culture. That's why many organizations are looking for practical ways to drive innovation in the workplace. Here are seven strategies your organization can use to encourage creativity. According to a Robert Half survey, 35% of chief financial officers said that the biggest obstacle to achieving organizational progress is the lack of innovative ideas.

All too often, workers find it difficult to innovate at work when they are bogged down with daily tasks or with excessive bureaucracy. Some organizations don't promote a culture of continuous improvement or encourage cognitive diversity, so work stalls. In addition, resistance to change often stifles teams' creativity and innovation. Encourage internal entrepreneurship among your employees so that all employees can contribute their ideas directly to the company, instead of leaving and creating their own business.

Dominic Mccoard
Dominic Mccoard

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