What are the biggest challenges for executives?

One of the biggest challenges CEOs face is managing and motivating their employees. As the leader of an organization, it's the CEO's responsibility to set the tone for the company's culture and ensure that employees are engaged and motivated. Time was by far the biggest challenge for financial services executives (42%), while leadership predominated for those working in the technology sector (36%). Not surprisingly, this challenge stood out among members of the Forbes Business Development Council (40%), members of the Forbes Nonprofit Council (33%), and those who held the title of owner, founder, or director (20%).

18% of Forbes Board members identified issues of growth and strategy as their biggest challenge. Nineteen percent of Forbes Council members said that leadership issues were their biggest challenges, and many of them came from the Forbes Human Resources Council (57%) and the Forbes Council of Nonprofit Organizations (50%). You've overcome many obstacles to become the executive you are today, but being a successful business leader means that there will always be additional challenges ahead. From building a team and developing employee skills to gaining stakeholder buy-in and perfecting company culture, leading a team is always a challenge.

As you can see in the following graphic, leadership was one of the main concerns of members of the Forbes Human Resources Council (57% of respondents cited it as their biggest challenge), the Forbes Council of Nonprofit Organizations (50%), and the Forbes Technology Council (38%).

Dominic Mccoard
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