What's your biggest challenge as a manager?

The 12 most common challenges faced by new managers: motivating and inspiring. As a manager, there can often be an element of distance from the rest of the team. This creates one of the biggest challenges for managers: reducing the distance with effective and timely communication skills. We define what topics to cover in the first 30 days of your position in a comprehensive checklist.

Here are 12 challenges managers can face. Organize regular one-on-one meetings with each member of your team to get to know employees thoroughly as individuals, not just as “workers.” A good team leader spends intentional quality time building relationships, developing open communication, and learning about their personal and professional aspirations. This will help you to shape your leadership style and, at the same time, to understand what each employee needs to set expectations and objectives. Team meetings are useful for fostering camaraderie, but people may not feel comfortable expressing concerns or weaknesses publicly.

Your individual time is an opportunity to listen to problems. It's also an opportune time to think about possible solutions and create an action plan with each employee to overcome obstacles. Addressing regulations and compliance has become one of the key challenges facing managers today. This is no surprise, as companies have had to respond quickly to new guidelines related to the pandemic and changes in the political environment.

As remote work continues to increase, employees are no longer limited to the roles they fill based on their location, so you'll have to work even harder to retain your star employees. Ensuring diversity and inclusion in the workplace has become one of the biggest challenges facing modern organizations today. For this reason, monitoring and improving team productivity remains one of the main challenges facing managers today. Each of these challenges entails solutions that support healthy working relationships, productivity and individual growth.

The constant need to ensure that the workforce is up to date with the latest trends, knowledge and skills is a major challenge facing managers today. Strong people skills allow managers to overcome management challenges and identify the human background. They also face the challenge of finding the right software solutions to invest in on behalf of their organizations. The challenges of managing a team also change with the external business environment, so even when you feel comfortable in your position, everything can change very quickly.

There's behavior compliance, which poses challenges when it comes to managing behavior in today's hybrid work environment. This is where one of the main challenges of a manager comes to light: he has to work to motivate his employees in all situations. A great way to face these challenges together with your team is to hold regular meetings, and as you do that, Fellow can help. Today, a challenge as a manager is to ensure that your talented staff is supported, learn new skills, have a clear track record of progress and are satisfied with their position.

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