How do you streamline a business?

Checking the ROI is important, but it's crucial that you consider the long-term effect. Full implementation can take more than a year, so start with a 5-year plan. For a large multithreaded organization, use the 80-20 rule: changing 20% of processes can provide you with 80% of the potential benefits. Ask someone to handle the implementation and convince managers that they may be reluctant to change.

Ensure that the way you optimize business processes leaves room for growth and changes in your development process. You don't want to spend six months streamlining your purchase order processing and then realizing that the finance department was planning to change it to an outsourced model as the company grew. A simplified process may be easier to analyze, but that's not even 25% of the whole picture. Still, value, quality, or customer experience could be massively wasted.

The linearity of a “well-designed” process has little real relevance for a high-growth company. Leaving rationalization aside as an objective, a better and more pragmatic way to hack business processes is to analyze them in five critical areas of the process. Start by making a quick list of all your business processes and scoring them according to an automation range of 1 to 5, where “1” represents “manual coordination and no automation” and “5” represents “a fully automated process”. However, if applied deliberately and consistently, it can produce amazing results, very, very quickly.

Reorganize each process according to its importance to the company. Then create a classification procedure that works for you. For example, you can rate each business process on a scale from 1 to 10, labeling items as those with the highest priority. This way, you can properly maintain your workflow and consistently achieve ideal results after each completion.

P (88) 536-9629 F (31 345-9119). Using a platform like Integrify to optimize business processes helps reduce errors, accelerate progress and reinforce accountability across business units. With Kissflow Process, a business process management software, you can follow all these tips to streamline your company's business processes.

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